G43 x2

Posted by Wes Reames on 17th Feb 2016

Here is one of our most recent projects working on a couple Glock 43's. First i would like to say I really do enjoy the size and feel of the newer single stack Glock, the single stacks come in 380 (G42) and 9mm (G43). Some people do not know that in fact the G42 is a tiny bit smaller in size than the G43 (not enough to matter in my opinion).

Anyways, about these two.

We started with the standard 360 frame stippling using our signature stippling design, which really looks rougher than it really is. The left side of the grip was smoothed out slightly more to help with conceal carry so it is not so rough on the skin, while at the same time providing grip all around. The pattern used works very well with hiding the fact that one side is a little bit smoother than the other, it is not visible to the eye. Also a standard knuckle undercut to give the hand a little higher grip.

Next on to the slide cerakote. This is a splinter type pattern used, and where it gets interesting is with the colors. Each color was mixed, and each one changes slightly with different lighting and angles. Between the 3 layers of paint, there is a total of 8 colors used.

Other mods are the sights switched out to Ameriglo 3 dot night sights. Trigger connector was replaced with the Ghost EDGE connector, which improves the trigger quite a bit. Also all the internals have been high polished in house.