New year, new site.

Posted by Wes Reames on 13th Feb 2016

Hopefully everyone is starting off the new year great!

We have changed a few things on our site and will slowly be working on fine tuning all the small details. 

We will be posting upcoming projects, product reviews, customer photos of some of our work as well as posting some awesome deals so be sure to keep checking back!

one of our current deals we will be running for a while is our $100 deal.

if your not familiar with our $100 deal here is the info:

We have been trying new things to improve and come up with new patterns / designs / color combos for our cerakote work. for a short amount of time we are offering to coat your full receiver set (no small controls or triggers and pins etc.) and it could be almost any firearm you choose. 

now the catch is, we get to choose whatever color combo / pattern that we would like to experiment with. We might have an idea in mind to give you a hint, but it could be a single one off color we want to mix up, or a camo pattern.

email us for more info!

here is the latest project of our $100 deal, we did the Grip stippling and a custom cerakote on the slide using black and grey atacs looking pattern. also did a M&P9 to match.